The COCÖÖÖN consortium, a community ecosystem of the present to move towards the future.

To started a team of 25 people who supervised the GdP-Lab, MOOC GdP project team course, Project Management of the Central School of Engineering in Lille, France, founded by Professor Rémi Bachelet. At their head, their coordinator, Virginie Guignard Legros, brilliant creator of concepts and programs who coordinated the GdP-Lab over 6 sessions from 2016 to 2018 with 600 alumni among the best or bravest who form a community including 300 in Africa.

After the change of team these 26 people embarked on the creation of an online incubator that has become a consortium around a non-profit NGO that deals with communities with two main interconnected axes: victims and StartUps. The COCÖÖÖN consortium was born and as a cell was divided into 4 parts in order to have better management of activities and to have a better understanding and visibility with traditional structures.

More info:

It’s made up of four entities.

EKOW organization is a service association for members of The COCÖÖÖN consortium and for external clients. With 4 services that are

  • CUB. EKOW – Incubator (science, innovation, technology platforms, community ecosystems)
  • EVE. EKOW – Content edition and certification (E-learning, media, books, press releases, licenses…)
  • GOLD. EKOW – Brand of Excellence (Sales – SAV, Leaders Courses, Excellence Selections)
  • FIRST . EKOW – Licensed humanitarian developments with humans and their ecosystem at the heart of every program

EKOW Origin is a company that consists of 4 parties in partnership with the services of EKOW organization

  • LAB. EKOW, which creates innovative concepts
  • PPP. EKOW, which officially represents Internal Personalities, Projects, Products in the consortium or External
  • VALUE. EKOW that evaluates PPPs, values, helps to structure themselves with
  • FUNDS. EKOW seeks funds for projects

COCÖÖÖN organizations is a non-profit NGO that can seek and receive donations

  • MEMBERSHIP. COC-N manages the community members of the consortium
  • PARTNERSHIP . COC-N manages the NGO’s partnerships
  • HOME . COC-N organizations girls around the world on the ground
  • Certification. COC-N distributes and controls the proper use of FIRST licenses. EKOW on the ground

COCÖÖÖN & Co. is an association for commercial and industrial aid

  • CCII. COCÖÖÖN manages the company members of The COCÖÖÖN consortium through its Chamber of Commerce and International Industry.
  • Lounge. COCÖÖÖN organizes commercial, industrial and technological events
  • HOME . COCÖÖÖN & cie manages girls’ organizations around the world on the ground
  • VALLEYS . COCÖÖÖN manages the locations of industrial and technological valleys around the world.